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Providing a stress-free space and opportunity for you and your group to play (with GOATs and ALPACAs) and have fun while creating joyful, even silly, moments to share. 

Pure adventurous fun for adults seeking to decompress and recharge with animals and nature in a peaceful, serene setting.  

Chippewa Valley’s Premier Goat Yoga and Alpaca Experience. 

Now open!

Life sure can get busy, can't it?  You’re busy. Your family is busy. Your friends are busy. If you have kids, they are busy! Everyone is so busy! And stressed! Right? Wouldn’t it be great to just take a break from the busy? Take a time out? A recess, even? You can do just that here, at Hidden Timber Soul Sanctuary. 

Ahhhh, a time out! 

This space was created as a result of a breaking point in my life, during the summer of 2020, when I realized that there was a need for EVERYONE, not just me, to just slow down, take a breath, take a break, reconnect with nature (did I mention there are goats and alpacas?), reconnect with ourselves and our favorite people. 

You see, I had been working at a job that did not fulfill me or match my core beliefs for almost 20 years and I NEEDED a CHANGE. I was nearing the “flown” stage of raising my three sons. It was during that summer that I made a promise to myself that my life was going to change and I was going to focus on experiencing some joy and peace … and FUN, in my life - sooner than later. Afterall, tomorrow is not promised. 

After some meaningful discussions with my wife, Tiffany, we agreed to buy some land in Wisconsin, my home state, and create a farm experience with goats and alpacas that offered exhausted and stressed adults (like us) the opportunity to find some joy, inhale some peace and forget the busyness of our lives, even if it was just for a few hours. 

So, come out to the farm and join us and the animals for a bit. Let go of the grind in a fun session of goat and alpaca yoga, take a goat for a walk or if the timing is right, feed a baby goat a bottle of milk! 

Owner + Farm Hand + Lover of all furry creatures  

Hello there and Namaste!
I’m Kristina, owner of Hidden Timber Soul Sanctuary.  

- Jamie Wolf 

"Kristina has a great thing going at HTSS! I had an amazing experience at Goat Yoga and 100% plan to go back and bring more friends. I highly recommend you give it a try for the stress relief, fun, and serenity!"

- Alyssa Tollefson

"Hidden Timber offers a much-needed and desired experience to the Chippewa Valley. Worth the short road trip!" 

- Crista Dawson 

This is the best thing to come to the Chippewa Valley. The energy and Shaylae, the yoga instructor, was the best and the goats topped it off!! Fun but relaxing as well! Shaylae was very clear and made the movements for all yoga levels. Kristina and Tiffany were very prompt at cleaning up after the goats so didn't have to worry about that either! I will definitely be back!!!

- Aubre Walther

Hidden Timber Soul Sanctuary is pure joy and relaxation! From the scenic drive out, to the gentle yoga poses and laughter from the goats, your body can't help but relax. You'll leave feeling peaceful and lighter. I can't wait to visit again!

Born and raised in Door County, WI

Traveled to many US states and several foreign countries

Completed my first and only marathon in 2015

Married my wife and soulmate in 2017

Mom of three wonderful sons including twins

Fun facts

This space was created to be shared with you and your friends and family and all our neighbors.

 I truly believe that human and nature connection is what breathes life into our souls and rejuvenates our spirit. 

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For those who love to stretch and nuzzle! Yearly membership grants access to all the yoga/animal time you can handle! Membership is good for you + one guest for any session, all year long. Limited to one yoga class per day.

Starting at $250 / month

Soul Squad Membership


Online Reservations required *
Yoga mats supplied

45 minutes of yoga for all 
Ample time to feed treats and snap pictures.
Allows time for the alpacas to silently judge you! 

$45 / session / per person

Yoga in the Alpaca Pasture

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Online Reservations required *
Yoga mats supplied

45 minutes of yoga for all 
30 minutes of goat play time

$45 / Session / per person

Goat Yoga and Goat Time

Choose your experience

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* Service fee billed for credit card payments. 

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Goat & Alpaca Yoga

Give the gift of

- Christine Brown

A beautiful place to calm you restore balance to your life. The yoga room is clean, spacious and the perfect setting to experience goat yoga! The goats are so grounding to be around and Tiffany and Kristen thought of everything to maximize our enjoyment. I’m looking forward to returning! 

- Aaron Kanner

We had an amazing time at Hidden Timber Soul Sanctuary!! It was fun interacting with goats! I dont have a lot of experience with yoga, and am not the most flexible. I did find this to be a very comfortable, and non judgmental environment!! 

- Jessie Nelson 

What an amazing experience! Unlike anything else in the Chippewa valley, You have to check it out!

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Yes we do! Check out our merch here!

Do you have merchandise? 

Yes! We offer special sessions for bridal parties, team building and other special events. Ask for details and pricing. 

Do you offer private yoga sessions?

Grab your yoga pants, your water bottle and phone for your Insta uploads and TikTok videos. 

what should i bring?

No refunds will be allowed. However, if you provide a minimum 24 hour notice prior to your registered class, we will allow you to reschedule (up to a year/one time) for a future date.  

What is your cancellation policy?

No. Outside pets are not allowed. 

Can I bring my pets?

No. Spectators are not allowed. 

Can my children under 16 come to watch? 

We ask that all participants be at least 16 years old. The main focus of the sanctuary is to provide a mature experience with stress-free adult relaxation. 

is this for kids too?

There is a port-a-potty onsite. 

Will there be a bathroom? 

No, absolutely not. The yoga sequence is designed for all skill levels. 

Do I need to know how to do yoga or be good at it?

You've goat questions.
We've goat answers.

Is the yoga stuido temperature controlled? 

Yes. Our yoga studio is temperature controlled and enclosed so the outside elements will not detract from the goat yoga experience. 

Leave your worries and stress at the door, sign a quick waiver, get your group’s area set up (yoga mats are provided) and get ready for some good wholesome fun! 

It’s farm time

Step Three

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Reserve your spots for the next goat or alpaca yoga session!

Mark your territory

Step Two

You’ll want to gather up your BFFs and most fun family members. (Don’t worry, the goats or alpacas don’t care if y’all can’t hold a yoga pose!) 

Get your squad together

Step One

good towards the purchase of our regular classes for goat yoga or yoga in the alpaca pasture.

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Here is the truth - you have to make time for YOU! You have to put YOU first. Fill your cup before pouring for others. 

I know how important me-time and squad-connection time is and that’s why we offer a hour‘s worth of fun-filled, interactive sessions that can be enjoyed by you and your squad. Just a morning with us at HTSS, away from your normal, busy schedule, and you’re back to feeling rejuvenated, freer, happier and more relaxed than you have in weeks, maybe even months!
(Welp, since your last time here!) 

Between the career, the kids, the house to take care of and all the kids’ activities, where is there time for you? 

You want to have fun in your life but life is too busy and you feel like there is no time for you! I totally get it. 

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Check out our merchandise! We have a few select HTSS-branded items to choose from including soft Ts, stickers and a fanny pack for your animal crackers! A complete gift set for you or your loved ones might include all three items + a gift card! We will add more HTSS-branded merch options in the upcoming season! As always, the merch is Pearl-approved! 

Want to support us away from the Sanctuary?

Can't get enough of HTSS?!

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Are you ready for some goat nibbles and alpaca stink eyes? Are you ready to take some me-time? OR maybe you’re a team leader looking for a way to build some peer-to-peer connections within your group? 

Are you and your squad ready for some adventure + fun? 

you've goat questions! We've goat answers! Thank you for your message! We will respond in between chores... definetly within 24 business hours!


Hey y’all! You want to chat or ask more questions? All you need to do is fill out this form. Once you hit submit, you’ll receive an email reply from us within 24 business hours.  Or reach out to

Hey y’all! You want to chat or ask more questions? All you need to do is fill out this form. Once you hit submit, you’ll receive an email reply from us within 24 business hours.  Or reach out to

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